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Our Brand

Vicky Hase is a newly emerging fashion brand, which makes luxurious extraordinary clothes of exceptional quality and exquisite details, emphasizing the individuality of every woman.  Every collection is unique and different, and each piece we make is a true representation of our approach to fashion, style and uncompromised quality.

Discover our passion for finely crafted designer clothing of unique designs in ultra-lux fabrics.

The Woman of the Brand Vicky Hase

 There she is, poetry personified, standing by the window watching raindrops scatter across the window glass. Her silhouette accentuated by the moonlight stops me in the doorway and holds me motionless. The way the light is tracing her curves, silk cascading down her hips, lace accentuating her décolletage is completely captivating. She commands the room without saying a word. A single bat of her lashes and I am at her mercy. Mysterious, smart, witty, she epitomizes authenticity and confidence. There is a certain Je Ne Sais Quoi about her, this magnetic, attractive energy which is perfectly alluring. A muse like her appreciates the finer things in life: decadent wines, high powered automobiles, and perfectly fitted clothes. She chooses luxury. She chooses VickyHase.  

Our products

Vicky Hase is proud to offer an exclusive hedonistic lingerie line of exceptional quality and unique designs that will inspire you to discover your sensuality